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New feature - shield posts

How long has it been since your friends were able to speak openly?

Now you can give them an easy taste of what you already have in Weave. They get safety and respectful conversation - even on contentious issues. It's dead simple - they don't even need to sign up.

If they like it, you get more friends to talk to - or grow your group. But mainly, you're shielding them. They get the opportunity to talk about issues they care about.

Just be careful - the author is the only one who is not protected by an alias. Even if you have strong opinions, remember not to commit to an opinion.

You can join in this post if you want:


It's just three steps to protect your friends ...

1) Add a shield post

2) Click share

3) Post to Facebook, Twitter, email, or text

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Tales from Facebook Jail

We launched about a week ago. The main draw was supposed to be better conversations when speaking openly stopped offending people.

That's still what people mostly care about. But I keep getting surprised by the insane moderation happening over on Facebook. I was just talking with a guy who has a million people in his Facebook groups - and they treat him like dirt.

However, this one really takes the cake. My buddy was goofing around about his grandson - that he might never let him go.


My friend appealed to a (supposed) human. He lost.


In a world where loving your grandson is illegal, we are all outlaws.

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Why respect is job one

Respect is a strange place for a social media platform to focus.

Is this really all that different from the Like button on Facebook or Twitter? Definitely. In Weave, respect means one thing: you enjoy hearing what the other person has to say. Even when you disagree.

Unfortunately, this type of respect is being snuffed out on the internet. And the problem is bleeding back into the real world.

Does the Respect button work the same as Like? Absolutely not.

  1. Like is a quick little compliment, while Respect is integrated across Weave's entire platform. Users Respect posts they want to hear more of. They don't need to agree - maybe they disagreed but found the post respectful anyhow.
  2. Nobody knows who wrote the post they just respected. But when both sides respect each other, that mutual respect is a basis for trust. Users check over respected posts to make sure the respect is sincere.
  3. If both people decide to move forward, they get to see the identity of the other person. And begin sharing confidences in the Inner Circle. No more aliases.

Respectful disagreement is important and achievable. Watch this clip of one of the most liberal Supreme Court Justices discussing one of the most conservative.

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Social media's missing feature

We all know our world is splitting up - especially on social media. Disdain, scorn, broken friendships, estranged families. Ugly stuff, but how does the problem get fixed?

It all starts with respect. That's why we're launching an entire social media platform - centered on respect.

Respect between friends. Respect for our customers. Respect stacking into trust.

Respect isn't a chromed plastic button pasted into the user interface. It's an integral part of Weave. It interlocks with trust and friends. End result? Unexpected magic.

You can speak your mind - without risking your friends. We're building real community, learning from people we disagree with, and treasuring human quirks. Details in future posts.

Join us for the ride - this is going to be awesome.

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